This is my simultaneity video project. Consisting of beautiful clips of nature in HD, a speech made by the great Charlie Chaplin, and various clips of wars, battles, and soldiers from WW1, WW2, and present day, my video is made to represent the juxtaposition of war and life.

There is a fine line dividing war and life (or regrowth), but neither can exist without the other. Charlie Chaplin inspirationally tells the factors of war and its soldiers as well as the surrounding life and how we, as a human race, are to overcome and prosper from our trials. Throughout the clip, there are a multitude of smaller clips of wars and soldiers.

There is some organization to my madness!

The first clip is from WW1, the middle (most) clips are from WW2, and towards the end of the video we can catch a glimpse of today’s soldiers.

Of course, these were not the only wars fought and the only soldiers that existed. This is to show progression, which is the name of my piece.

Progression in the way we fought.

Progression in the way we capture our fighting.

Progression in the way the world changes and technologies and intelligence advances.

Progression in the rebuilding of nature due to organic processes.

Progression in the way the world continues to rotate, not knowing or caring in how it inhabitants are dying, living, struggling, and fighting.

What a terrible BREAK. Literally.

So today was the day my best friends all got home from college. It was a beautiful day and the sun was peaking out from behind the gray clouds. What a wonderful day to go out and meet with everyone and hear their drunken mishaps and glorious college stories.

11:35 – get in my Dodge Ram truck, fairly equipped for snow. Turn radio on. Put phone in cup holder

2 minutes later – drive slowly but surely down my rocky hill that has been encased with ice and snow. No problems.

3 minutes later – pull onto the back country road successfully and listen cheerfully to Lorde’s Royals on the radio. Wonderful.

4-5 minutes later – I am driving extremely slow. This is unlike my regular driving habits. I am a speed demon. Being cautious.

6 minutes later – start to fishtail due to lack of weight in the cab of the truck. No prob. Happens all the time. I got this.

6 minutes later – I don’t got this. Swerving out of control. Speeding down hill towards tree. 

6.5 minutes later – close eyes.

7 minutes later – open my eyes. Truck is on its side on the ground. Driver’s side window is smashed and completely broken. Windshield is cracked. Immediately become hysterical and start yelling for help.

9 minutes later – still yelling for help. Bleeding. Searching for cell phone. Find phone outside of smashed vehicle. Unbuckle, sit my sorry ass on the slush covered asphalt of the road, and find fallen and misplaced umbrella. Extend it, poke it out of small opening and just barely grab phone. Call Brandon.

13 minutes later – neighbor drives by, stops, and calls the police. Brandon is off of the phone. Calling my mom. Hysterical. Still bleeding.

20 minutes later – neighbor drives home, picks up my mom. Police come. Ask pointless questions. Ambulance and firetruck arrive. Still stuck in the carcass of the truck. Broken glass everywhere. Crying. Bleeding.

21 minutes later – firefighters tell me to cover up with a sheet. Bust open the windows with axes. Lots of loud booming and crashing and cracking. They reach in and drag me from the wreckage. Hands are bloody. Neck is bruised and scraped. Get checked out. Get held by mom and Brandon and cry some more.

30 minutes later – am profusely throwing up. Go to hospital. Brandon and my mom come too. 

1 hour later – my dad arrives. Hours before he had retrieved my sister from Allegheny College. First time my sister sees me is in the shitty hospital, in a shitty hospital robe, covered in a shitty what hospital blanket, in a shitty hospital bed. 

2 hours later – still waiting for CT scan. Given small biodegradable bag to vomit into. Finally get CT scan.

2.5 hours later – no brain or head damage. Most throwing up has stopped. Just have a pounding headache. Get in jeep and go home.

3 hours later – Take a nap. Finally get appetite back.  


If you have decided to read this post thus far, congrats. I am okay, but my neck is stiff and my hands are destroyed with rough, bloody, and scabbing cuts. Needless to say, the term ‘break’ has been taken in not only the sense that we received a certain amount of time off, but the sense that just about everything in my life as of now is pretty much in pieces. Although I loved having time off, I just wish I was back in Syracuse being miserable, safe, and not causing too many problems to my family. I am extremely shaken and I NEVER want to drive again.

On the plus side, my mom made cheesy potatoes for dinner.

On the negative side, I was supposed to go and pick up corn flakes for them from the grocery store on the return of spending time with my friends.

On the plus plus side, she made them with crushed ritz crackers, which still ended up being absolutely delicious. 


That is all.

Hope y’all are having a better break than I am!


Nostalgia, nostalgia. I word that is easily underestimated. For the longest time, I was unsure of what this word meant. Not only has this class made me more aware, but has had me expanding on my thoughts about it.

Nostalgia in my own words:

That amazingly awesome moment when you flick on the television and there’s an old episode of Pokemon on. Aw man! This was my favorite show. My sister and I used to watch it all the time! Being a 90′s child was great! I used to trade all my cards like a drug dealer on the school bus! I had all of them, even the super rare cards!

These few memories take you back to your childhood; when things were simpler and the world didn’t revolve around stress and sleep and remembering to eat and turning in assignments.

Nostalgia to me is like a grey screen that floats across my mind. As it hovers for a bit of time, I remember the wonderful times I had growing up. As much as I have always said it was horrible and stupid, I would now give anything to go back. This grey screen is altogether magical and sometimes sad, or maybe even refreshing. It puts you on a ship and puts you out in the middle of your own personal sea of past emotions and memories. Sometimes it’s so shitty to have to come back to reality and realize that you’ve grown up and that it is in the past, but it is our job as human beings to expand and let these memories grow and prosper as we continue to trudge on.

The actual definition of Nostalgia: a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.

We can actually even use nostalgia when talking about our collective. We can all remember times when we have woken up from a wonderful nap with sun’s yellow-golden rays making the backs of our eyelids glisten with red. Or maybe that Christmas morning when you were young when you bounded like a puppy to the window and were elated to see that Santa not only brought you presents, but a glistening new layer of snow all over the ground. No one can really forget a great bit of sleep.

Wasteful Wednesday

So, I don’t mean to make a habit of this ranting stuff, and contrary to the normal belief, this post will contribute to the class.

Okay so this is the deal. I was working on my SPECTACULAR stop animation for a wonderfully witty music video in the mac lab at Smith when there was a knock on the door. Who could it be? Was it a friend stopping by to say hello? Was it a beautiful young stallion coming to sweep me off my feet and take me distant, foreign lands? My knight in shining armor? A teacher to praise my hard work?

No. It was just some jackass telling me I had to leave because he was locking the door.

I mean, it is his job, after all, to lock up and make the building and its valuable materials secure. But he could’ve waited at least twenty minutes! I was all done and removing the Ken Burns effect!

Of course, he wanted to leave ASAP so he rushed me out. I logged out of my user name after minimizing iMovie, so here’s to hoping that it wasn’t all lost!

ANYHOO my contributions to this collective are wordy, to say the least. Actually, I have been having a grand old time writing the class bio and revising the manifesto. I would post it for you all to see, but I am just too excited to show it to you and review it with all of my beautiful peers tomorrow. Hopefully it encompasses our ideals and our expectations perfectly.

So, this wasteful Wednesday was disastrous to say the least. It seems that every time I take one step forward, I am pushed a million steps back. Ugh. But so this is just life. I guess I just have to keep trudging through this mess until Friday.


Where art thou, Thanksgiving Break!?

Class Biography

So I worked a little bit on the class biography for the website! Hope I got everyone’s information right. If not, leave a comment and I will change it for you!

Those who can conquer sleep can conquer the world.

This is our aim, our goal. Our small group of 9 designers, artists, filmers, and photographers are fully prepared to wake of this sleepy issue and bring it to life!

Batool Akbar: Batool is a second year Graphic Design major at Syracuse University whose design skills are important in creating a logo for our project. Her home sweet home is in Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

Ashley Balzer: Ashley is a first year Communication Design major at Syracuse whose abilities in stop animation are harnessed for the opening sequence of the film. She comes from a small town in Western PA by Pittsburgh.

Kate Browse: Kate is a first year Sculpture major at Syracuse who has outstanding skills in make-up design not only for this project, but for the campus’s humor group, Humor Whore. She calls New York home.

Pathorn Buddhari: Pathorn, who goes informally by Pat, is a first year Communications Design major at Syracuse who also has some amazing vocal abilities. His golden voice is a major part of our project. He is originally from Bangkok, Thailand.

Kierra Jordan: Kierra is a first year Film Major at Syracuse University whose skills are extremely valuable in the making of this project. She will be directing and filming the majority of this project.  She is from North Jersey.

Talley Larkin: Talley is a first year Industrial and Interaction Design student here at Syracuse. Her website constructing skills and abilities allow the outside world to look into our project in-depth. Her home is in Jamestown, Rhode Island.

Mitra Mokhtarzadeh: Mitra is a first year Interior Design student at Syracuse University. She has much enthusiasm and her attributes and skills bring life to this project. She comes all the way from Tehran, Iran.

Lexie Rholih: Lexie is an Undecided major in the college of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University. She has taken charge of all social media that brings in more examples of sleep and sleeping issues. She is from Long Island.

Sam Schwartz: Sam is an Industrial Design student at Syracuse University. His skills are being used to construct a “Nap Map” that will lead to safer sleeping on campus. His home is in Boston, Massachusetts (and sometimes in a hotdog suit).

Life Post

So, I’m going to step away from my regular trash posts and art posts and whatever the hell else I post

I hate to moan and groan because I hate when other people moan and groan about their lives but I’m hitting low over here and I feel bad just continually complaining to my boyfriend, that poor, poor soul. 

I don’t feel right here. I feel uncomfortable and upset and stressed and I hate it so much. I think going home this weekend opened my eyes to how unhappy I actually am here. I’m stuck and I don’t know what to do. I am so passionate about art and I love creating, but this whole college thing just isn’t working for me. Maybe it’s that I am in the wrong place, but Syracuse has always been my dream school.

I know that I am just starting out here and I have so many people to meet and things to do, but I am just so depressed I don’t even know what to do. I study and try my hardest but most of the time I come up short. Maybe I’m just not made for college.


Ugh I suck so bad right now.

Le Driveway

This is a shot taken in the country, or a more rural area. It captures the gravel, winding, up-hill road. It is morning while the sun is still rising, giving a morning-glow to the surroundings. This slow tilt allows the scene to slowly be revealed, making the bottom of the road seem like a close up, but then slowly revealing the rest of it.

The Burgh

This video is a short clip on the overlook of Pittsburgh at night. The lights of the city illuminate the blackness of it. As the shot pans to the right and at the end of the clip, we can catch the main part of the city, with its iconic UPMC skyscrapers.


By: Alex Maidy

Made: July 19, 2012

Title: 135 Shots That Will Restore Your Faith in Cinema

The above clip I have posted can relate to the topic of the week: image journals/film. We have been working with different types of shots and motions and lighting and all that kind of hooplah.

In this video, different shots are portrayed. We can see panning and tilting as well as a multitude of long shots and medium shots. Professional images from clips of movies give examples of well-developed scenes, such as deserts and green forests. The quality in most shots is that of expensive equipment that are being used by well trained professionals. Many of the shots include subjects such as people (which the two-shot can be seen) and the environment. Overall, the point of this video was to “restore” your faith in cinema. The premise was to include significant shots that portrayed spectacular images as proof that cinema and filming is and was a form of artistry to be greatly admired.

As if we didn’t know that already.

Particular shots that I enjoy here are the ones that pan and tilt. It really gives you an in-depth look at the scene. I’m kinda passionate about it.

In my own words, film and shooting media is a process, whether it be for artistic projects or just homemade films, that includes capturing an image or a space with film in real time. It relates to time because whatever you are capturing, whether it be people, places, dogs, cats, hotdogs, you name it, will be forever stuck in that strict frame of time. The image is being infinitely carried on (until it is erased or disposed of) through the shot/film.

It’s actually kind of magical, in my opinion. Perhaps filming should be considered a type of wizardry.

I, for one, am not particularly interested in this field of art, though I can really appreciate it. Especially with my own experiences with filming.

When filming back home, on the top of good ol’ Mount Washington overlooking my beautiful city of Pittsburgh, (yes, I have obnoxious pride in my city and believe it is greatly better than yours) I got a glimpse at how difficult and precise the process is when producing a quality bit of film. I will make sure to post the video of Pittsburgh for you to witness my shoddy film skillz.

I learned that it is difficult to keep my hand straight and sturdy while filming. This can be observed by the quality of my media; it’s a bit shaky and moves from very slow, to a little faster, to slow again. Needless to say, it’s a bit inconsistent, and I will admit it whole-heartedly.

Sorry, lol.