My Little Piece of Manifesto Pizza

So here I am – just one single, delicious component/ingredient of our Time Arts pizza. I would like to think I am the extra cheese on top because personally, that is my absolute favorite.

In other words, the following is my contribution to our class manifesto when considering our “sleep” collective.

And so it goes like this: 

Sleep – we, as human beings, are never able to put this issue to rest. You either get too much of it or you don’t get enough. You either are dependent on it or can go for days without it. It is a surprise to see that such a large part of your life is so unstable. Sleep is detrimental for prime human production and performance. It is even said that if we are lucky enough to live to 90, 30 of those years will be spent sleeping. So is sleep our friend or enemy? It eats up so much of our life that we hold so dear, but in order to make the most of our life and live healthily during our time in this life, we need to get a necessary amount of it.

With this said, I think that it is time to start living. Time to stop dragging ourselves around and half-heartedly doing the things we love and interacting with people we care about. It’s time to stand up to sleepless nights and the extra hours of sleep that leave us more tired than we were when we laid down to take that unneeded nap. If we can achieve the proper amount of rest that is needed to function and fulfill our lives to the highest degree, we can achieve our highest goals in life, even if they are just day-to-day.

As a small Time Arts class, we shall conquer this beast known as sleep. No longer will we get too much or take the minimum. Sleep will be our priority and we shall overcome this ongoing dilemma!

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One thought on “My Little Piece of Manifesto Pizza

  1. You’re writing is concise and easy to read- hence why you’re the official writer for our collaborative! I trust that you will do a great and thorough job writing our collaborative group’s manifesto as well as any other writing that will need to be done (such as the about us page on our website). You’re a trustworthy member on our group and you’re very reliable, something that definitely cannot be said about all. Keep up the good work and say great things about sleeping.

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